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Katie King & Co.Ltd

Katie King is a
Founder & Creative Director 


Katie is the visionary behind Katie King & Co. and has been building her boutique empire since 2020.


Collaborating with hotel brands, business owners and individuals, her clients select her for her artful articulation, luxury storytelling and aesthetic intelligence, garnered from more than 14-years international experience in the luxury lifestyle and hospitality sector.

Her contributions to the industry have been recognised as she was named Hotelier Middle East's Highly Commended Marketer of the Year in 2019 and when her agency was shortlisted as the UK’s Best Global Start-up in 2022. 

a Marketing Lecturer

As a part-time university lecturer, Katie shares her extensive marketing and public relations expertise, nurturing aspiring professionals and igniting their passion for the industry.


Her contagious enthusiasm and real-world insights captivate students as she guides them through the realms of public relations, digital marketing, and international marketing, empowering them with confidence and valuable connections for their future careers.

A Consultant

Recognised for her expertise, Katie has consulted for leading organisations such as the European Union's European Regional Development Fund and Nottingham Trent University.

She’s part of the London Rock Partner’s network, helping to elevate the hotel brands within their diverse hotel portfolio by providing strategic brand consultation and managing selected properties. She plays a similar role for Attraction Hospitality - a UAE based hospitality management company.

Katie also provides coaching services for graduates and marketeers entering or transitioning into the specialism of marketing.

An Animal lover & Adventurer 

Katie is passionate about animal rights and actively supports dog charities through her marketing work.

Her beloved companion Pheobe is often by her side either from her HQME or on the road. She plans to devote more time to dog rescue in the future and is a proud vegetarian - aspiring to leave this world a little bit better for animals than when she found it.

She indulges her love for exploration and adventure regularly, seeking out new destinations, curating captivating content, and embracing thrilling experiences, all while embracing the breath-taking wonders of her Derbyshire base in between - capturing her findings for a lifestyle page featured in The Derbyshire Times. 

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